December Jewish celebrity birthdays

Highlights: A list of notable Semitic Sagittariuses and Capricons! Comment.

Grandpa’s bar mitzvah

Highlights: What inspired my 88-year-old grandpa to finally celebrate his bar mitzvah. Comment.

Save cash on your bash

Planning: Keep your budget friendly with our money–saving tips. Comments (1).

Just another Mitzvah Monday

Mitzvah Projects: A new weekly feature gives a positive spin to a day with a bad rep. Comment.

Jews and balloons

Highlights: There’s many links to Judaism in the decidedly Christian Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Comment.

Cantor banter: Dilatory strategies

Highlights: If your child is slacking on his Hebrew studies, don’t start World War III. Instead, change your tactic. Comment.

The gift of giving

Hot Ideas: Show your gratitude by providing your guests with interactive parting gifts. Comment.

Start a simcha stampede

Planning: A bar mitzvah DJ offers a mix of timeless tunes sure to get the party started. Comment.

Craft attack!

Hot Ideas:’s Sara Rivka puts the ‘art’ in party. Comment.

The sweetest thing

Themes: Candy-themed parties are popular, pretty, and don’t pull at the purse strings. Comment.

Kids still need help after Sandy

Mitzvah Projects: Be inspired to do a mitzvah after reading these stories of amazing kids and teens helping others big ways. Comment.

Cantor banter: Are you Torah-tough?

Highlights: Don’t worry! You don’t need the strength of the Hulk to handle the holy scroll. Comment.

No end in sight for Mile End

Hot Ideas: Rae Bernamoff, owner of New York’s Jewish comfort-food Meeca, Mile End Deli, talks about bar mitzvahs, catering, and how “food is the heart of the story” in Hebrew culture. Comment.
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