September 19, 2019
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Planning is a snap with this app

Sponsored Content: Planning a bar mitzvah? There’s an app for that. Read more…

Unlocking the dress code

Cantor Banter: What you should wear at a typical Shabbat service and the threads you should sport at a bar or bat mitzvah. Comment

Torah portion Tuesdays: Parshat Naso

Torah Portions: Never underestimate the power of long, beautiful locks. Comments (1)

Thirty hot balloon ideas

Hot Ideas: Creative balloon ideas that will make your party pop. Comments (1)

The game plan

Planning: Need a few fantastically fun games to play at your upcoming bar mitzvah celebration? We have a few ideas that will get the ball rolling. Comment

Torah portion Tuesdays: Parshat Bamidbar

Torah Portions: This week we learn that life is a numbers game — or is it? Comment

Let it bloom

The Basics: A child’s understanding of Jewish life is just budding post-bar mitzvah. Here are five simple ways he can religiously blossom and flourish. Comment

On pointe

Themes: New York ballerina Lauren Rachel dances on air at her perfect pink, feathery, tiara-filled bat mitzvah at the W Hotel Union Square. Comment

The role of the scroll

Cantor Banter: The Torah is written on a scroll but about a haftorah? Comments (1)

Torah portion Tuesdays: Parshat Bechukotai

Torah Portions: This week, God gets Old Testament on your tuchus. Comments (1)

Working with MayaWorks

Mitzvah Projects: Do a mitzvah by purchasing kippot made by native Guatemalans. Comment
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