November Jewish celebrity birthdays

Highlights: A list of notable Semitic Scorpios and Sagittariuses! Comment

Kosher Halloween linkage!

Highlights: In honor of today’s spook-tacular holiday, here’s a few virtual treats to get you into the spirit Comment

Four legs good will

Mitzvah Projects: Get tails wagging by helping out local pet rescues as a bar or bat mitzvah project. Comment

Pinning down organization

Hot Ideas: Pinterest has encouraged its users to create online bulletin boards plastered with hundreds of photos inspirational enough to make a Greek muse blush. See how the site can help you and your child work together in planning an unforgettable bar or bat mitzvah. Comment

Cantor banter: Cleverly hand out honors

Highlights: Cantor Matt Axelrod’s explains why synagogues limit the number of honors families can give out and how you can “kill four people with one ark” (figuratively speaking, of course). Comment

Zombies, vampires, and Yentl

Highlights: From “South Park” to “Glee” here’s 10 Halloween costumes inspired by Jewish characters. Comment

Five biggest party themes of 2012

Themes: When applied to a party, the word “theme” sounds about as cool as Snookie in a Snuggie holding a Shake Weight while reciting Shakespeare. We explore the issue while revealing this year’s biggest themes. Comments (1)

Mission possible: How to choose a project

Mitzvah Projects: An expert explains how to transform good intentions into a good deed. Comment

Beat the seating chart blues

Planning: Orchestrating harmonious table assignments won’t feel like a game of musical chairs if you follow a few key points. Comment

Play the name game : Be your party theme!

Themes: Today is “It’s My Party Day,” so we took the most popular names for kids born in the years 2000 and 2001 and blended them into fun party themes. Comment

Cantor banter: Dishing out kosher advice

Highlights: In Cantor Matt Axelrod’s first column, he offers a word to the wise — and a few wisecracks — about properly using the term ‘bar mitzvah.’ Comment

Celebrate Columbus Day by ‘discovering’ new ways to modernize your bar mitzvah!

Hot Ideas: Tablets, Skype, and Facebook are helping traditions transition into the 21st century. Comment

Band aid: Things to consider when hiring musicians

Planning: There’s a reason why Radiohead tickets typically sell out within minutes, but the wrong band can leave your guests feeling ‘High and Dry.’ Here’s a few tips! Comment

A safe bet: Tips on planning a large party

Planning: Planning a bar or bat mitzvah requires the strategic skill of General Patton and a year supply of antacids. A mom explains how she planned a Las Vegas–themed party for her daughter. Comment

For a symbolic and memorable bar mitzvah, travel to Israel

Themes: One of the best ways a parent can impart the message of Judaism is to celebrate their child’s bar or bat mitzvah in Israel. Comment

A Hunger Games–themed party puts the odds ever in your favor

Themes: Hit a bull’s-eye with a fun, Suzanne Collins–inspired party featuring food, games, and characters from the popular book and movie trilogy. Comments (2)

No need to read between the lines: How to properly word your announcement

Planning: Proper language on bar mitzvah invitations doesn’t have to be stuffy. An expert explains how to clearly word an invitation to avoid confusion. Comments (1)
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