January Jewish birthday quiz

Highlights: Find out which famous Jew born in January loves barbeque sauce, moonlights as a Cyclops, and rocks out to Patti Smith. Comment

Weathering the storm

Planning: Two weeks before her son’s bar mitzvah, super storm Sandy rained on Donna Rodolitz’s parade. Yet, just like many other New Yorkers, she persevered. Comments (3)

Rock the Kippah

Planning: Greg’s Creative Outlet sells handmade yarmulkes that boast fun Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings designs. Comment

Hottest bar mitzvah trends of 2012

Planning: Do you throw a crazy theme party or do something simple and understated? Host a sit-down dinner or make it a finger food affair? We’ll keep you in style. Comment

Breaking yawns with a ‘Breaking Dawn’ bat mitzvah

Themes: Is your tween a “Twilight” fan? We’ve got a few party theme suggestions that will put a sparkle in her eye. Comment

Win a free bar mitzvah with ‘American Idol’ and Jackie Tohn!

Highlights: Participate in a flash mob and win a club-style party for up to 75 people. Find out how! Comment

And the award goes to…

Cantor Banter: Feel like you have to keep up an act for the sake of your child’s religious education? Don’t be such a drama queen. Comment

Mitzvah Monday: Help from Hashmonaim

Mitzvah Projects: A group of Israelis left their problems at home to assist in Sandy relief efforts in New York. Comment

Messy mitzvah mishaps

Highlights: Stories of b’nai mitzvah hiccups and survival that will help you deal, so that you can have you cake and eat it too. Comment

We ‘latke’ you a lot

Highlights: Our Chanukah gift to our readers is a potato pancake recipe perfected by Daniel Serfer, the Jewish chef and owner of Miami’s Blue Collar Restaurant. Comment

Mitzvah Monday: Girl Scouts’ good deeds

Mitzvah Projects: Thin Mints aren’t the only way Girl Scouts deliver joy. Comment

Eight crazy lights

Highlights: In honor of Chanukah we ‘illuminate’ eight bizarre menorahs. Comment


Cantor Banter: A column that has nothing to do with Parrot Heads, tropical shirts, or Jimmy Buffet, but has everything to do with CDs…and learning haftorahs. Comment

Growing up with my daughter

The Basics: A mother ponders the concept of adulthood as her daughter embarks on her bat mitzvah. Comment
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