Bar mitzvah 2.0: Using cell phones for entertainment

Hot Ideas: Savvy event planners have creatively embraced social media and smartphones. You should too! Here’s a few fun ways you can. Comment

Beyond the hora: Find the perfect DJ

Planning: The focal point of any successful party isn’t a photo booth or chocolate waterfall — it’s the music. And a good DJ is always in style. Comment

Yom kippur is over: Sink your teeth into a foodie-themed fete

Themes: Did your child mention names like Ina Garten and Mario Batelli when you asked him whom he wanted to invite to his upcoming bar mitzvah? If so, do the greatest thing since sliced bread — plan a foodie-themed simcha. Comment

The Bar & Bat Mitzvah Guide wants you!

Highlights: Want to share your joy with the world? Have your bar or bat mitzvah party featured on our site! Comment

Interview: Mayim Bialik

Highlights: We caught up with the very busy bee known as Mayim Bialik, and chatted about her child-star past, how her education affects her lifestyle choices, and the experience of being the first woman in her family to have a bat mitzvah. Comment

Creative candle lighting ideas that will blow your guests away!

Hot Ideas: Don’t let it be like a candle in the wind. Keep your candle lighting ceremony feeling hot, hot, hot with our sizzling suggestions. Comments (3)

Your guests will ‘cheshire’ an Alice in Wonderland-themed party

Themes: Throw an Alice in Wonderland-themed fete without going all Mad Hatter. Comment

What you’ll learn from your child’s bar mitzvah

The Basics: One parent shares her bar mitzvah planning experience and what she discovered. Comment

Nix the New York Mets-themed judaica. Try MayaWorks on for size!

Hot Ideas: MayaWorks is a non-profit social venture that sells fair-trade judaica products that are handcrafted by local artisans in Guatemala and aids native women. Comment

The 10 Commandments of party planning

Planning: We care about you, dear readers. We treasure you so deeply that we decided to climb a steep and treacherous mountain to find your 10 non-negotiables anyone planning a bar or bat mitzvah needs to know. Comment

A Queens girl sends 3,000 pencils to needy kids in Africa

Mitzvah Projects: Little things can have a big impact! Rachel Manheim of Queens, New York collected thousands of pencils for needy kids in Malawi, Africa with the help of FedEx and the Pencil Project. Comment

Don’t end up saying ‘Shoot!’ Why you should hire a photographer.

Planning: Your inner Ansel Adams may still be developing, here’s why it’s important to hire a pro. Comment

Bar mitzvah protocol: A guide for non-Jewish guests

Highlights: Your coworker’s son is turning 13 and you’ve just been invited to your very first bar mitzvah. Mazel tov! But what does that mysterious word means? Here’s a few things a non-Jewish guest should know about bar mitzvahs. Comments (14)

What really happens when a child enters adulthood?

The Basics: What truly happens to children when they spiritually enter adulthood. Comment

‘You’ are the center of a do-it-yourself centerpiece

Hot Ideas: No two snowflakes, fingerprints, or Olsen twin is completely alike. The same should go for decor at your upcoming celebration. Create unique, DIY centerpieces that reflect the party’s honoree. Comment

The ABCs of RSVP etiquette

Planning: We can send a text and e-mail at lightening speed, but some of the people you invite to your child’s upcoming bar or bat mitzvah will not respond with a RSVP. An expert sheds some light on why and what you should do. Comments (2)

Want a baseball-themed party? We cover all the bases!

Themes: Here’s how to throw the best bar mitzvah for your little slugger! Comments (1)

Matzo ball soup for the soul: A Chicago girl feeds the needy

Mitzvah Projects: Sharing food is an essential part of Jewish tradition. For many in the Chicago area, though, hunger remains a serious problem. One girl took it upon herself to tackle the issue of hunger in a personal, dignified way. Comment

Finding the ‘WOW!’ gown

Planning: Flaunt fabulousness with a dress that fits like a glove. Here’s how to choose the best dress for any body type. Comments (1)

The coming of age for a bar mitzvah boy

The Basics: Why Jews have bar and bat mitzvahs Comment

Back to the mitzvah: Elders reflect on their ceremonies and offer advice

Highlights: We caught up with a few elder Jews to reflect on their miztvah-pasts. And if these guys can live through abandoning their grandfathers on the dance floor, dodging landmines in Israel, and a doing a crazy dance from ancient times called the Macarena, you (or your kiddo) will be just fine. Comment
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