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The ‘ick’ factor

Cantor Banter: Itching for a new Torah portion? Instead of doing something rash, be creative. Comment

We built this bar mitzvah on rock ’n’ roll!

Themes: Does your kid like to rock ’n’ roll all night? Have a party that doesn’t feel e-very-day with a rockin’ theme. Comment

The yawn after a storm

Planning: Ways to deal with post-bar mitzvah planning dysphonia. Comment

Song sung blues

Cantor Banter: Singing is a pain if you can’t belt out ‘Singing in the Rain’ like Gene Kelly, but some honors demand that you do. Here’s how to handle an aliyah. Comment

Peacock your party

Planning: Add color to your simcha with creative stations that are sure to make it stand out. Comment

Hope Alice Springs eternal

Highlights: Throw some gefilte fish on the barbie! Comment

Party like a Roth Star

Hot Ideas: Or party like a Resh, Ruebem, or Rosen-star with Rockmitzvah, a band that rehearses and performs with your bar or bat mitzvah on your big day! Comment

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…the greatest party theme EVER!

Themes: Your kid’s bar mitzvah is coming faster than a speeding bullet and you need a theme in a flash — how about superheroes or comic books? Comment

Don’t monkey around with the little details

Planning: Some of the big decisions you need to make while planning a bar or bat mitzvah are obvious. Others are not, and if ignored, they can create quite a mess! Don’t go bananas, we’re here to help. Comment

Mitzvah Monday: A veggie tale

Mitzvah Projects: Fourteen-year-old Katie Stagliano fed the hungry — a started an organization — with a 40-pound cabbage. Comments (1)

Can Alice wear a tallis?

Cantor Banter: Examining where the word “tallis” derives from and why it’s just fine for a female to wear one. Comment

Do it yourself!

Planning: Save some money and personalize your party with a few creative DIY projects. Comment
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