December Jewish celebrity birthdays

Highlights: A list of notable Semitic Sagittariuses and Capricons! Comment

Jews and balloons

Highlights: There’s many links to Judaism in the decidedly Christian Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Comments (1)

A true Hanukkah gift

The Basics: Forget about PS4, the best gift you can give your bar or bat mitzvah-aged kid for the holiday is the knowledge that they can retain their Jewish identity in a non-Jewish world. Comment

We ‘latke’ you a lot

Highlights: Our Chanukah gift to our readers is a potato pancake recipe perfected by Daniel Serfer, the Jewish chef and owner of Miami’s Blue Collar Restaurant. Comment

Eight crazy lights

Highlights: In honor of Chanukah we ‘illuminate’ eight bizarre menorahs. Comment

Let the odds be ever in your favor

Themes: Hit a bull’s-eye with a fun, Suzanne Collins–inspired party featuring food, games, and characters from the popular book and movie trilogy, ‘The Hunger Games.’ Comments (4)

Loosen your tie

Cantor Banter: Does the ritual of using ‘tefillin’ tie your stomach in knots? A cantor detangles the tradition. Comment

Put on your yarmulke time to celebrate Thanksgivukkah

Highlights: The first day of Hanukkah lands on Thanksgiving this year and sandwiching mashed potatoes between two latkes isn’t the only benefit for Jews. Comment

Girl power

The Basics: A cantor explains the history of bat mitzvahs and gives his two cents. Comment

Messy mitzvah mishaps

Highlights: Stories of b’nai mitzvah hiccups and survival that will help you deal, so that you can have you cake and eat it too. Comment

Volunteer ideas that will make tails wag

Mitzvah Projects: Love animals? Are you a Twitter-expert? Can you play a mean guitar? An expert offers a few project ideas based on popular interests, skills, and hobbies. Comment

Don’t be a diva

Cantor Banter: Think of a bat mitzvah service as a play. Even if you have the lead role, the play isn’t all about you. Comment

A roar-ing good playlist

Planning: A bar mitzvah DJ offers a mix of timeless tunes sure to get the party started. Comment

November Jewish birthday quiz

Highlights: Take this month’s Jewish celebrity birthday quiz and find out who is married to a “Game of Thrones” star and who once voice Gizmo from “Gremlins.” Comment
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