The yawn after a storm

Planning: Ways to deal with post-bar mitzvah planning dysphonia. Comment

Don’t monkey around with the little details

Planning: Some of the big decisions you need to make while planning a bar or bat mitzvah are obvious. Others are not, and if ignored, they can create quite a mess! Don’t go bananas, we’re here to help. Comment

Deep impact

Mitzvah Projects: Three Hebrew students create heartfelt mitzvah projects that help out communities in Israel. Comment

Craft attack!

Hot Ideas:’s Sara Rivka puts the ‘art’ in party. Comment

The hottest party trends of 2014

Hot Ideas: Today’s teens want personalized parties with smaller food, bigger entertainment, and epic themes. Comment

Style over substance

Cantor Banter: If you invite your non-Jewish guests just to the reception, they miss the whole point of becoming a bar mitzvah. Comments (1)

Fun and formal finger foods

Hot Ideas: Do you want your guests on their feet and not glued to a seat? Here is a slide show of finger-friendly food ideas that kids and adults will love. Comment

Save cash on your bash

Planning: Keep your budget friendly with our money–saving tips. Comment

Off to the races

Planning: Sponsored: Grand Prix New York is a one-stop party venue that offers food, go-kart racing, bowling, and arts and crafts. Comment

Cool themes for 2014

Themes: In this photo, there are three huge bar mitzvah theme trends for 2014. But what are they? Be in the know before the year even begins! Comments (2)

Affection for imperfection

Cantor Banter: Cantor Matt Axelrod explains why he prefers students that struggle with Hebrew. Comment

Bar mitzvah protocol

Highlights: Your coworker’s son is turning 13 and you’ve just been invited to your very first bar mitzvah. Mazel tov! But what does that mysterious word means? Here’s a few things a non-Jewish guest should know about bar mitzvahs. Comment
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