Cakes that take the cake!

Hot Ideas: Having a hard time baking up a creative cake idea? We’ve got over a dozen super sweet ideas. Comment

Skype gripe

The Basics: Video tutoring seems like a great idea, but a cantor explains why it’s not a perfect substitution for face-to-face b’nai mitzvah lessons. Comments (1)

Bar mitzvah protocol: A guide for non-Jewish guests

The Basics: Your coworker’s son is turning 13 and you’ve just been invited to your very first bar mitzvah. Mazel tov! But what does that mysterious word means? Here’s a few things a non-Jewish guest should know about bar mitzvahs. Comment

Breaking: Kid throws a bacon and lobster-themed bar mitzvah

Highlights: Boy says his only birthday wish is to sample the forbidden fruit. Comment

The greatest thing since sliced bread

Themes: Should you throw your kid a foodie-themed bar mitzvah? Did he mention names like Ina Garten and Mario Batelli when you asked him whom he wanted to invite? If so, bake him up a cooking party. Comment

And the award goes to…

Cantor Banter: Feel like you have to keep up an act for the sake of your child’s religious education? Don’t be such a drama queen. Comment

In bloom

The Basics: If you need a great event planning company, here’s the buzz of New York’s Damselfly Designs Comment

Bar mitzvah 2.0: Using cell phones for entertainment

Hot Ideas: Savvy event planners have creatively embraced social media and smartphones. You should too! Here’s a few fun ways you can. Comment

Mitzvah project idea: Sharpen your soul

Mitzvah Projects: Rachel Manheim of Queens, New York collected thousands of pencils for needy kids in Malawi, Africa with the help of FedEx and the Pencil Project. Comment

Bar + mitzvah = life experience

The Basics: Kids tend to think bar mitzvah preparation is about as usual as algebra — once the test is over, you will never use it again. But by coping that attitude, you miss the whole point. Comment

Unleavened bread unleashed!

Highlights: Five imaginative matzo recipes that will give Passover a punch of pizzazz. Comment

The Bar & Bat Mitzvah Guide wants you!

Highlights: Want to share your joy with the world? Have your bar or bat mitzvah party featured on our site! Comment

The happiest bar mitzvah on earth

Themes: Don’t have your kid wish upon a star! Grant them their wish and throw them a Disney-themed fete. Comment

The kid’s speech

Cantor Banter: Tips on how to write a d’var Torah … with or without a fountain pen. Comment

Go with 230 Fifth

Hot Ideas: A Manhattan venue offers bar mitzvah-goers a breath a fresh air — literally! Comment

The 10 Commandments of party planning

Planning: We care about you, dear readers. We treasure you so deeply that we decided to climb a steep and treacherous mountain to find your 10 non-negotiables anyone planning a bar or bat mitzvah needs to know. Comments (1)

Interview: Mayim Bialik

Highlights: We caught up with the very busy bee known as Mayim Bialik, and chatted about her child-star past, how her education affects her lifestyle choices, and the experience of being the first woman in her family to have a bat mitzvah. Comment
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