Food for thought

Hot Ideas: Tasty traditional Jewish treats that should be served at every bar mitzvah. Comments (12)

Beyond the fountain pen

Planning: What should you give a child for their bar or bat mitzvah? We’ve got the gift that keeps on giving: practical advice. Comments (2)

Mad about ‘Mad Men?’

Themes: The hit AMC show can provide a chic, costumed party-theme for the sophisticated, ambitious, and creative bar or bat mitzvah kid. Comment

Back to the mitzvah: Elders reflect on their ceremonies

Highlights: We caught up with a few elder Jews to reflect on their mitzvah-pasts. And if these guys can live through abandoning their grandfathers on the dance floor, dodging landmines in Israel, and a doing a crazy dance from ancient times called the Macarena, you (or your kiddo) will be just fine. Comment

A matter of time

Cantor Banter: Is 30 minutes a short bar mitzvah lesson? Our columnist takes a time-out to discuss the relativity of time. Comment

13 Going on 30

The Basics: A cantor offers reasons why it’s never too late to have a bar mitzvah. Comment

Messy mitzvah mishaps

Highlights: Stories of b’nai mitzvah hiccups and survival that will help you deal, so that you can have you cake and eat it too. Comments (1)

Dress purr-fectly for a bar mitzvah

The Basics: Look like the cat’s meow at a bar or bat mitzvah ceremony with our expert advice. Comments (1)

Come one, come all, to the greatest simcha on earth!

Themes: Your guests will flip for a circus-themed bar or bat mitzvah. Comment

It’s mock-tini time!

Hot Ideas: Pinkies up! Here are six creative, non-alcoholic, kiddie-cocktail recipes worthy of a toast. Comment

Shadow of doubt

Cantor Banter: Should you shadow your child during his bar mitzvah lessons? Our columnist sheds some light on the topic. Comment

May Jewish birthday quiz

Highlights: Which ‘Full House’ cast member is a Hebrew? Comment

A dollar a day keeps the doctor away

Mitzvah Projects: “A Dollar Campaign” is a mitzvah founded by two teens that want to find the cure for cancer. Comment
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