A grand slam simcha!

Highlights: You are invited to bar mitzvah at the ballpark as Cyclones mascot, Sandy the Seagull, turns 13. Comment

Houston, we have a mitzvah …

Themes: Take your bar mitzvah to infinity and beyond with an Outer space theme. Comment

Give a peach of a speech

The Basics: Don’t get pummeled by rotting fruit. Your speech at your child’s bar or bat mitzvah can be the cherry of the ceremony, just follow our simple dos and don’ts. Comments (1)

Party like it’s the end of the world

Themes: Don’t be a mindless zombie! Stand out of the crowd with a supernatural and super unique Apocalypse-themed bar mitzvah. Comment

Denomination clarifications

Cantor Banter: Can a Reform Jew invite an Orthodox Jew to a bat mitzvah? Comments (2)

Beyond the hora: Find the perfect DJ

Planning: The focal point of any successful party isn’t a photo booth or chocolate waterfall — it’s the music. And a good DJ is always in style. Comment

Let it bloom

The Basics: A child’s understanding of Jewish life is just budding post-bar mitzvah. Here are five simple ways he can religiously blossom and flourish. Comment

Breaking down the elusive bar mitzvah card

Planning: What kind of card should you buy? What should you write in it? And what do you give? We get all Hallmark on you and answer your burning questions. Comments (85)

Journey to the center of the worth

Cantor Banter: What is the most important aspect of the bar mitzvah process? Our columnist weighs in. Comments (2)

Project you!

Mitzvah Projects: A mitzvah project may seem like a burden, but when a student integrates his interests it can be the most memorable aspect of his bar mitzvah. Comment

June Jewish birthday quiz

Highlights: This black swan wants you to guess which famous Jew was born in June. Comment
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