Band aid: Things to consider when hiring musicians

Planning: There’s a reason why Radiohead tickets typically sell out within minutes, but the wrong band can leave your guests feeling ‘High and Dry.’ Here’s a few tips! Comment

Don’t be an Airhead

Cantor Banter: Why you should think twice about incorporating the candy-throwing tradition into your bar mitzvah ceremony. Comments (2)

Save cash on your bash

Planning: Keep your budget friendly with our money–saving tips. Comment

Tradition transition

Hot Ideas: Tablets, Skype, and Facebook are helping traditions transition into the 21st century. Comment

What not to bring to a bar mitzvah

Okay, you probably know not to bring a bacon-covered cupcake to a service. But there are a few items we all think we need when heading to temple. A cantor explains why you are wrong. Comment

Thing One and Thing Jew

Themes: A Dr. Seuss-themed bar mitzvah can be as whimsically wonderful as a phrase like “Horton hears a Jew.” Comment

Jew-cy contour II: Design your own kippah

Hot Ideas: Do you want a fun way to customize your ceremony? Try making your own kippot. Comment

Saturday night vibe

Cantor Banter: A cantor differentiates the lesser-known Saturday evening bar mitzvah services from the morning ones. Comments (1)

Four legs good will

Mitzvah Projects: Get tails wagging by helping out local pet rescues as a bar or bat mitzvah project. Comment

Virtual rehearsal

The Basics: A cantor explains the entire bar mitzvah process from turning 13 to throwing candy. Comment

Creative candle lighting ideas that will blow your guests away!

Hot Ideas: Don’t let it be like a candle in the wind. Keep your candle lighting ceremony feeling hot, hot, hot with our sizzling suggestions. Comments (2)

Jew-cy contour: Design your own tallit

Hot Ideas: Making your own tallis for your bar or bat mitzvah ceremony is super simple with our easy-to-follow steps! Comment

Underage kids at the bar … mitzvah, that is

Cantor Banter: Ways to include younger guests your kid’s bar mitzvah service. Comment

July Jewish birthday quiz

Highlights: This black swan wants you to guess which famous Jew was born in June. Comment

For a symbolic and memorable bar mitzvah, travel to Israel

Themes: One of the best ways a parent can impart the message of Judaism is to celebrate their child’s bar or bat mitzvah in Israel. Comment
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