The game plan

Planning: Need a few fantastically fun games to play at your upcoming bar mitzvah celebration? We have a few ideas that will get the ball rolling. Comments (1)

Whip up a kugel of kindness

Mitzvah Projects: Yum! Serve up a hefty helping of good will by donating your bar mitzvah party leftovers to charity. Comment

Leprosy, jealousy, and talking mules, oh my!

The Basics: How a bar mitzvah student can relate to the Torah’s more peculiar portions. Comment

Twenty-nine rad balloon ideas

Hot Ideas: We have 29 creative ways to use balloons at your upcoming bar or bat mitzvah celebration. Comments (1)

Sympathy for Sukkot

The Basics: A cantor explains what bar and bat mitzvah-aged teens can learn from the underappreciated holiday. Comment

Lip service

Cantor Banter: Despite what you think, if your cantor refuses to phonetically spell out Hebrew words in English, there is a reason. Comment

The hunger game

The Basics: How you can use fasting to teach your bar mitzvah-aged teen an important lesson during Yom Kippur. Comment

Beyond the plain white board

Hot Ideas: Stand out with a creative sign-in board for your upcoming bar mitzvah. Comment

September Jewish birthday quiz

Highlights: The Jew who plays an Israeli super hero celebrates his birthday this month. Comment

The down-low on the high road

Cantor Banter: You may not want to invite your kid’s entire Hebrew class to his bar mitzvah, but doing so may be a rewarding experience. Comment

Get a Rosh Hashanah rush!

The Basics: Why bar mitzvah-aged teens should fully embrace the Jewish New Year. Comment
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