Longing for a shorter service

Cantor Banter: Why is a Saturday morning service so long? A cantor gives you a quick explanation. Comment

Tackling bar mitzvah programs

Planning: Do you need a bar mitzvah program? What information should you include? Can you copy another family’s as a template? A cantor explains everything you need to know. Comment

Let’s talk table numbers

Hot Ideas: Most tables are square, but you don’t have to be when it comes to creating indicators for your upcoming bar mitzvah celebration. Comment

Torah portion Tuesdays: Parshat Tazria

Torah Portions: Don’t get sore about reading this week’s parsha about leprosy — there’s a great lesson to learned that Cantor Matt Axelrod is just itching you teach you! Comment

Bar mitzvah invitation themes and trends for 2014

Sponsored Content: BarmitzvahCards.net tells you about 2014’s invitation themes and trends. Comment

Q&A with Mayim Bialik of ‘Big Bang Theory’

Highlights: We caught up with the very busy bee known as Mayim Bialik, and chatted about her child-star past, how her education affects her lifestyle choices, and the experience of being the first woman in her family to have a bat mitzvah. Comment

Shtick on a stick

Hot Ideas: Need a cake pop idea? We’ve got 30 including ninjas, Nintendo, and even Rihanna. Comment

The dog ate my column

Cantor Banter: Cantor Matt Axelrod shares some of the most popular excuses he gets from his bar and bat mitzvah students. Comment

Torah portion Tuesdays: Parshat Shemini

Torah Portions: This week’s parsha involves a tragic mystery that is comparable to the dangers of drinking and driving. Comment

Creative candle lighting ideas

Hot Ideas: Don’t let it be like a candle in the wind. Keep your candle lighting ceremony feeling hot, hot, hot with our sizzling suggestions. Comment

Unique hamantaschen recipes inspired by the Book of Esther

Highlights: What kind of cookies are inspired by Vashti, Mordechai, and King Ahashverosh? Just think of this post as the (recipe) book of Esther. Comment

Peering deeper into Purim

The Basics: Dressing up is awfully cute, but there’s more to Purim than costumes — there are important lessons about feminism, respect, morality, and Jewish pride. Comment

Torah portion Tuesdays: Shabbat Zachor

Torah Portions: This week’s parsha is all about the sweet, sweet revenge that ultimately led to the invention of hamantashen and Lord Voldemort … sorta. Comment

18 Jewish-inspired Purim costume ideas

Highlights: Zombies, vampires, and Yentl — on my! Comment

Place cards aplenty

Hot Ideas: Is your child a gamer, social media whiz, or as free as a butterfly? We’ve got a bar or bat mitzvah place card idea for every kind of personality. Comment

Bat mitzvah blunders

Highlights: Never wear the same dress as the bat mitzvah or her mom! But that’s not the only bat or bar mitzvah blunder one can commit. Here are a few things that families, guests, and even rabbis should avoid. Comment

Torah portion Tuesdays: Parshat Vayikra

Torah Portions: This week’s parsha is kind of like an ancient barbeque, but way less fun. Yet, there are a few important values you can take away from these passages. Comment
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