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Mission possible

Mitzvah Projects: An expert explains how to transform good intentions into a good deed. Comment

Translating Torah talk

Cantor Banter: What is the difference between reading the Torah, a haftorah, and a maftir? One in a million can’t tell you. Comments (6)

Torah portion Tuesdays: Emor

Torah Portions: Are tattoos only skin deep or does getting one jeopardize your self respect? We cover the issue in this week’s parsha. Comment

Food for thought

Hot Ideas: Tasty traditional Jewish treats that should be served at every bar mitzvah. Comment

A miracle mitzvah project

Mitzvah Projects: Rachel Manheim of Queens, New York collected thousands of pencils for needy kids in Malawi, Africa with the help of FedEx and the Pencil Project. Comments (1)

It’s mock-tini time!

Hot Ideas: Pinkies up! Here are six creative, non-alcoholic, kiddie-cocktail recipes worthy of a toast. Comment

Torah portion Tuesdays: Parshat Kedoshim

Torah Portions: This week’s parsha teaches b’nei mitzvah students to look outside of themselves at the world around them. Comments (1)

Double your fun

Highlights: Fraternal twins Emma and Jakey Mohamed have a b’nei mitzvah that suits both of their individual personalities. Comment

Try a rad ‘Mad Men’ theme

Themes: The hit AMC show can provide a chic, costumed party-theme for the sophisticated, ambitious, and creative bar or bat mitzvah kid. Comment

Lowering the bar … mitzvah that is

Cantor Banter: Why letting your kids phonetically read Hebrew with English letters is a short cut to avoid. Comments (1)

Ten creative matzah recipes

Highlights: Give Passover a punch of pizzazz! Comment

Matzah, matzah man

The Basics: A cantor explains how matzah teaches us that we’re not that much bigger than this little matzah doll. Comment

‘Your bar mitzvah check is in this bacon wallet’

Planning: Five things you should never write in a bar mitzvah card. Comment

Have your party at Italian Center in Stamford

Sponsored Content: Italian Center in Stamford can accommodate casual, activity-focused events and refined, elegant affairs. Read more…

Torah portion Tuesdays: Parshat Acharei Mot

Torah Portions: This week’s parsha is all about goats and starvation. So fill up on some goat stew while learning an important lesson about taking responsibility for your sins. Comment

Try a ‘Game of Thrones’ theme, m’lady

Themes: Be as clever as Tyrion Lannister and plan a medieval or ‘Game of Thrones’-themed b’nai mitzvah that will be the envy of Westeros. Comment

The 10 Commandments of party planning

Highlights: Ten surefire tips that will help you plan a bar or bat mitzvah celebration grand enough to separate the Red Sea, sweeten the bitter waters of Marah, or, at the very least, force a smile upon the faces of all of your party guests. Comment

Nerd and geek-themed bar mitzvah

Themes: How to throw an epic best bar mitzvah for your video game playing, comic book hoarding, and Comic Con attending super fan. Comment

Torah portion Tuesdays: Parshat Metzora

Torah Portions: God gets all Shakespearean on the Israelites: “A pox on your house!” Comment
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