The Basics

A true Hanukkah gift

The Basics: Forget about PS4, the best gift you can give your bar or bat mitzvah-aged kid for the holiday is the knowledge that they can retain their Jewish identity in a non-Jewish world. Comment

Girl power

The Basics: A cantor explains the history of bat mitzvahs and gives his two cents. Comment

Leprosy, jealousy, and talking mules, oh my!

The Basics: How a bar mitzvah student can relate to the Torah’s more peculiar portions. Comment

Sympathy for Sukkot

The Basics: A cantor explains what bar and bat mitzvah-aged teens can learn from the underappreciated holiday. Comment

The hunger game

The Basics: How you can use fasting to teach your bar mitzvah-aged teen an important lesson during Yom Kippur. Comment

Get a Rosh Hashanah rush!

The Basics: Why bar mitzvah-aged teens should fully embrace the Jewish New Year. Comment

Ten totally awesome photo props

The Basics: Pirates, vampires, and ninjas, oh my! Our top ten picks for the coolest photo booth and picture props on the market! Comment

Virtual rehearsal

The Basics: A cantor explains the entire bar mitzvah process from turning 13 to throwing candy. Comment

Give a peach of a speech

The Basics: Don’t get pummeled by rotting fruit. Your speech at your child’s bar or bat mitzvah can be the cherry of the ceremony, just follow our simple dos and don’ts. Comments (1)

Let it bloom

The Basics: A child’s understanding of Jewish life is just budding post-bar mitzvah. Here are five simple ways he can religiously blossom and flourish. Comment

13 Going on 30

The Basics: A cantor offers reasons why it’s never too late to have a bar mitzvah. Comment

Dress purr-fectly for a bar mitzvah

The Basics: Look like the cat’s meow at a bar or bat mitzvah ceremony with our expert advice. Comments (1)

The learning experience

The Basics: One parent shares her bar mitzvah planning experience and what she discovered. Comment

Skype gripe

The Basics: Video tutoring seems like a great idea, but a cantor explains why it’s not a perfect substitution for face-to-face b’nai mitzvah lessons. Comments (1)

Bar mitzvah protocol: A guide for non-Jewish guests

The Basics: Your coworker’s son is turning 13 and you’ve just been invited to your very first bar mitzvah. Mazel tov! But what does that mysterious word means? Here’s a few things a non-Jewish guest should know about bar mitzvahs. Comment

In bloom

The Basics: If you need a great event planning company, here’s the buzz of New York’s Damselfly Designs Comment

Bar + mitzvah = life experience

The Basics: Kids tend to think bar mitzvah preparation is about as usual as algebra — once the test is over, you will never use it again. But by coping that attitude, you miss the whole point. Comment

Boost your Jewish IQ with b’nai mitzvah FAQs

The Basics: What does ‘bar mitzvah’ mean? Why should you have one? And, is goat meat tough? Frequently asked questions answered by a cantor. Comment
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