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Basics archive

The Basics

Oh shucks, Shavuot

The Basics: Tonight is Shavuot, and you may not know much about this neglected holiday, but it may be the most important one that you’ve never heard of. Comment

Girl power

The Basics: A cantor explains the history of bat mitzvahs and gives his two cents. Comment

Let it bloom

The Basics: A child’s understanding of Jewish life is just budding post-bar mitzvah. Here are five simple ways he can religiously blossom and flourish. Comment

Matzah, matzah man

The Basics: A cantor explains how matzah teaches us that we’re not that much bigger than this little matzah doll. Comment

Peering deeper into Purim

The Basics: Dressing up is awfully cute, but there’s more to Purim than costumes — there are important lessons about feminism, respect, morality, and Jewish pride. Comment

It’s never too late to have a bar mitzvah

The Basics: Thirteen going on 30? Hey, why not? Comment

Bar mitzvah protocol

The Basics: The definite bar mitzvah guide for non-Jewish guests. Comment

Skype gripe

The Basics: Video tutoring seems like a great idea, but a cantor explains why it’s not a perfect substitution for face-to-face b’nai mitzvah lessons. Comments (1)

Important life lessons learned through a bar mitzvah

The Basics: Kids tend to think bar mitzvah preparation is about as usual as algebra — once the test is over, you will never use it again. But by coping that attitude, you miss the whole point. Comment

Boost your Jewish IQ with b’nai mitzvah FAQs

The Basics: What does ‘bar mitzvah’ mean? Why should you have one? And, is goat meat tough? Frequently asked questions answered by a cantor. Comment

The path to understanding Tu Bishevat

The Basics: Why it is important for bar mitzvah students to learn the significance behind the Jewish birthday of trees. Comment
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