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Cantor Banter archive

Cantor Banter

Sing us a song, you’re the cantor, man

Cantor Banter: Is it okay to request a song from a cantor? Comments (1)

Unlocking the dress code

Cantor Banter: What you should wear at a typical Shabbat service and the threads you should sport at a bar or bat mitzvah. Comment

The role of the scroll

Cantor Banter: The Torah is written on a scroll but about a haftorah? Comments (1)

Translating Torah talk

Cantor Banter: What is the difference between reading the Torah, a haftorah, and a maftir? One in a million can’t tell you. Comments (6)

Lowering the bar … mitzvah that is

Cantor Banter: Why letting your kids phonetically read Hebrew with English letters is a short cut to avoid. Comments (1)

Longing for a shorter service

Cantor Banter: Why is a Saturday morning service so long? A cantor gives you a quick explanation. Comment

The dog ate my column

Cantor Banter: Cantor Matt Axelrod shares some of the most popular excuses he gets from his bar and bat mitzvah students. Comment

Between a rock and a hard place

Cantor Banter: Is it polite to rock along with the rest of the congregation during the service or not? Comment

Taking a peek at Shema

Cantor Banter: Why do we have to close our eyes during Shema? Our columnist explains. Comment

Kippot conundrums

Cantor Banter: Cantor Matt Axelrod answers all your kippah quandaries. Comment

The tutor tango

Cantor Banter: To tutor or not to tutor? If you find yourself asking this question of your bar mitzvah-aged kid during his Hebrew studies, a cantor offers some advice. Comment

Divide and conquer

Cantor Banter: Split bar mitzvah responsibilities between you and your child and create a win-win situation. Comment
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