Hot Ideas

The gift of giving

Hot Ideas: Show your gratitude by providing your guests with interactive parting gifts. Comment

Craft attack!

Hot Ideas:’s Sara Rivka puts the ‘art’ in party. Comment

No end in sight for Mile End

Hot Ideas: Rae Bernamoff, owner of New York’s Jewish comfort-food Meeca, Mile End Deli, talks about bar mitzvahs, catering, and how “food is the heart of the story” in Hebrew culture. Comment

Pinning down organization

Hot Ideas: Pinterest has encouraged its users to create online bulletin boards plastered with hundreds of photos inspirational enough to make a Greek muse blush. See how the site can help you and your child work together in planning an unforgettable bar or bat mitzvah. Comment

Celebrate Columbus Day by ‘discovering’ new ways to modernize your bar mitzvah!

Hot Ideas: Tablets, Skype, and Facebook are helping traditions transition into the 21st century. Comment

Bar mitzvah 2.0: Using cell phones for entertainment

Hot Ideas: Savvy event planners have creatively embraced social media and smartphones. You should too! Here’s a few fun ways you can. Comment

Creative candle lighting ideas that will blow your guests away!

Hot Ideas: Don’t let it be like a candle in the wind. Keep your candle lighting ceremony feeling hot, hot, hot with our sizzling suggestions. Comments (3)

Nix the New York Mets-themed judaica. Try MayaWorks on for size!

Hot Ideas: MayaWorks is a non-profit social venture that sells fair-trade judaica products that are handcrafted by local artisans in Guatemala and aids native women. Comment

‘You’ are the center of a do-it-yourself centerpiece

Hot Ideas: No two snowflakes, fingerprints, or Olsen twin is completely alike. The same should go for decor at your upcoming celebration. Create unique, DIY centerpieces that reflect the party’s honoree. Comment
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