Hot Ideas

Craft attack!

Hot Ideas:’s Sara Rivka puts the ‘art’ in party. Comment

The hottest party trends of 2014

Hot Ideas: Today’s teens want personalized parties with smaller food, bigger entertainment, and epic themes. Comment

Fun and formal finger foods

Hot Ideas: Do you want your guests on their feet and not glued to a seat? Here is a slide show of finger-friendly food ideas that kids and adults will love. Comment

Twenty-nine rad balloon ideas

Hot Ideas: We have 29 creative ways to use balloons at your upcoming bar or bat mitzvah celebration. Comments (1)

Beyond the plain white board

Hot Ideas: Stand out with a creative sign-in board for your upcoming bar mitzvah. Comment

The sweetest thing

Hot Ideas: Candy-themed parties are popular, pretty, and don’t pull at the purse strings. Comment

Pinning down organization

Hot Ideas: Pinterest has encouraged its users to create online bulletin boards plastered with hundreds of photos inspirational enough to make a Greek muse blush. See how the site can help you and your child work together in planning an unforgettable bar or bat mitzvah. Comment

Tradition transition

Hot Ideas: Tablets, Skype, and Facebook are helping traditions transition into the 21st century. Comment

Jew-cy contour II: Design your own kippah

Hot Ideas: Do you want a fun way to customize your ceremony? Try making your own kippot. Comment

Creative candle lighting ideas that will blow your guests away!

Hot Ideas: Don’t let it be like a candle in the wind. Keep your candle lighting ceremony feeling hot, hot, hot with our sizzling suggestions. Comments (2)

Jew-cy contour: Design your own tallit

Hot Ideas: Making your own tallis for your bar or bat mitzvah ceremony is super simple with our easy-to-follow steps! Comment

Food for thought

Hot Ideas: Tasty traditional Jewish treats that should be served at every bar mitzvah. Comments (12)

It’s mock-tini time!

Hot Ideas: Pinkies up! Here are six creative, non-alcoholic, kiddie-cocktail recipes worthy of a toast. Comment

Get the LED out

Hot Ideas: Want your party to pop? Creatively add LED lights and make a dull party shine. Comment

Think outside the box: Become a YouTube star

Hot Ideas: Create some bar mitzvah party buzz by making a unique save-the-date music video and go viral, just like Maru the cat! Comment

Cakes that take the cake!

Hot Ideas: Having a hard time baking up a creative cake idea? We’ve got over a dozen super sweet ideas. Comment

Bar mitzvah 2.0: Using cell phones for entertainment

Hot Ideas: Savvy event planners have creatively embraced social media and smartphones. You should too! Here’s a few fun ways you can. Comment

Go with 230 Fifth

Hot Ideas: A Manhattan venue offers bar mitzvah-goers a breath a fresh air — literally! Comment

3D Jew-bilee!

Hot Ideas: Take your bar mitzvah to a whole new dimension with centerpieces that truly pop. Comment

Make your party pop

Hot Ideas: Balloon Artistry is a well-rounded, full-service event planning company that will take your bar or bat mitzvah to new heights. Comment

Party like a Roth Star

Hot Ideas: Or party like a Resh, Ruebem, or Rosen-star with Rockmitzvah, a band that rehearses and performs with your bar or bat mitzvah on your big day! Comment
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