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Mitzvah Projects

Slam-dunk mitzvah projects

Mitzvah Projects: Five Jewish organizations in New York that offer impressive volunteer opportunities for bar mitzvah students. Comment

Bake up a kugel of kindness

Mitzvah Projects: Yum! Serve up a hefty helping of good will by donating your bar mitzvah party leftovers to charity. Comment

Working with MayaWorks

Mitzvah Projects: Do a mitzvah by purchasing kippot made by native Guatemalans. Comment

Teens raise money for cancer research

Mitzvah Projects: A mitzvah project turns into a cancer foundation when two teens create “A Dollar Campaign.” Comment

Mission possible

Mitzvah Projects: An expert explains how to transform good intentions into a good deed. Comment

A miracle mitzvah project

Mitzvah Projects: Rachel Manheim of Queens, New York collected thousands of pencils for needy kids in Malawi, Africa with the help of FedEx and the Pencil Project. Comments (1)

A dollar a day keeps the doctor away

Mitzvah Projects: “A Dollar Campaign” is a mitzvah founded by two teens that want to find the cure for cancer. Comment

Be a fairy bat-mitzvah mother

Mitzvah Projects: Do a mitzvah after your bat mitzvah! Donate your dress to a charity and help other girls afford formal wear. Comment
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