Mitzvah Projects

Mitzvah Monday: Help from Hashmonaim

Mitzvah Projects: A group of Israelis left their problems at home to assist in Sandy relief efforts in New York. Comment

Mitzvah Monday: Girl Scouts’ good deeds

Mitzvah Projects: Thin Mints aren’t the only way Girl Scouts deliver joy. Comment

Just another Mitzvah Monday

Mitzvah Projects: A new weekly feature gives a positive spin to a day with a bad rep. Comment

Kids still need help after Sandy

Mitzvah Projects: Be inspired to do a mitzvah after reading these stories of amazing kids and teens helping others big ways. Comment

Four legs good will

Mitzvah Projects: Get tails wagging by helping out local pet rescues as a bar or bat mitzvah project. Comment

Mission possible: How to choose a project

Mitzvah Projects: An expert explains how to transform good intentions into a good deed. Comment

A Queens girl sends 3,000 pencils to needy kids in Africa

Mitzvah Projects: Little things can have a big impact! Rachel Manheim of Queens, New York collected thousands of pencils for needy kids in Malawi, Africa with the help of FedEx and the Pencil Project. Comment

Matzo ball soup for the soul: A Chicago girl feeds the needy

Mitzvah Projects: Sharing food is an essential part of Jewish tradition. For many in the Chicago area, though, hunger remains a serious problem. One girl took it upon herself to tackle the issue of hunger in a personal, dignified way. Comment
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