Weathering the storm

Planning: Two weeks before her son’s bar mitzvah, super storm Sandy rained on Donna Rodolitz’s parade. Yet, just like many other New Yorkers, she persevered. Comments (3)

Rock the Kippah

Planning: Greg’s Creative Outlet sells handmade yarmulkes that boast fun Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings designs. Comment

Hottest bar mitzvah trends of 2012

Planning: Do you throw a crazy theme party or do something simple and understated? Host a sit-down dinner or make it a finger food affair? We’ll keep you in style. Comment

Save cash on your bash

Planning: Keep your budget friendly with our money–saving tips. Comments (1)

Start a simcha stampede

Planning: A bar mitzvah DJ offers a mix of timeless tunes sure to get the party started. Comment

Beat the seating chart blues

Planning: Orchestrating harmonious table assignments won’t feel like a game of musical chairs if you follow a few key points. Comment

Band aid: Things to consider when hiring musicians

Planning: There’s a reason why Radiohead tickets typically sell out within minutes, but the wrong band can leave your guests feeling ‘High and Dry.’ Here’s a few tips! Comment

A safe bet: Tips on planning a large party

Planning: Planning a bar or bat mitzvah requires the strategic skill of General Patton and a year supply of antacids. A mom explains how she planned a Las Vegas–themed party for her daughter. Comment

No need to read between the lines: How to properly word your announcement

Planning: Proper language on bar mitzvah invitations doesn’t have to be stuffy. An expert explains how to clearly word an invitation to avoid confusion. Comments (1)

Beyond the hora: Find the perfect DJ

Planning: The focal point of any successful party isn’t a photo booth or chocolate waterfall — it’s the music. And a good DJ is always in style. Comment

The 10 Commandments of party planning

Planning: We care about you, dear readers. We treasure you so deeply that we decided to climb a steep and treacherous mountain to find your 10 non-negotiables anyone planning a bar or bat mitzvah needs to know. Comment

Don’t end up saying ‘Shoot!’ Why you should hire a photographer.

Planning: Your inner Ansel Adams may still be developing, here’s why it’s important to hire a pro. Comment

The ABCs of RSVP etiquette

Planning: We can send a text and e-mail at lightening speed, but some of the people you invite to your child’s upcoming bar or bat mitzvah will not respond with a RSVP. An expert sheds some light on why and what you should do. Comments (2)

Finding the ‘WOW!’ gown

Planning: Flaunt fabulousness with a dress that fits like a glove. Here’s how to choose the best dress for any body type. Comments (1)
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