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Do you believe in magic?

Sponsored Content: A mother shares her life-long experience with a very talented DJ. Read more…

Give a peach of a speech

Planning: Don’t get pummeled by rotting fruit. Your speech at your child’s bar or bat mitzvah can be the cherry of the ceremony, just follow our simple dos and don’ts. Comment

The game plan

Planning: Need a few fantastically fun games to play at your upcoming bar mitzvah celebration? We have a few ideas that will get the ball rolling. Comment

‘Your bar mitzvah check is in this bacon wallet’

Planning: Five things you should never write in a bar mitzvah card. Comment

Have your party at Italian Center in Stamford

Sponsored Content: Italian Center in Stamford can accommodate casual, activity-focused events and refined, elegant affairs. Read more…

Tackling bar mitzvah programs

Planning: Do you need a bar mitzvah program? What information should you include? Can you copy another family’s as a template? A cantor explains everything you need to know. Comment

Bar mitzvah invitation themes and trends for 2014

Sponsored Content: tells you about 2014’s invitation themes and trends. Read more…

What’s a good bar mitzvah gift?

Planning: We go beyond the fountain pen and give our readers the gift that keeps on giving: practical advice. Comment

Breaking down the elusive bar mitzvah card

Planning: What kind of card should you buy? What should you write in it? And what do you give? We get all Hallmark on you and answer your burning questions. Comments (5)

Study guide rewind

Planning: The process of studying for your bar mitzvah can feel never-ending. But the day ‘will’ come. To better help you visualize your accomplishment here is what you need to keep in mind years, months, weeks, and days before your big day — in reverse! Comments (1)

Do it yourself!

Planning: Save some money and personalize your party with a few creative DIY projects. Comment

Pick the perfect planner

Planning: Hiring a party professional can be extremely beneficial. But how do you know what qualities to look for? Here’s some help! Comment

The place to be

Planning: Sponsored: Life the Place to Be in Westchester offers state-of-the-art fun for all ages. Comment

Peacock your party

Planning: Add color to your simcha with creative stations that are sure to make it stand out. Comment
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