September 17, 2019
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Torah Portions archive

Torah Portions

Torah portion Tuesdays: Parshat Korach

Torah Portions: You thought politics was tough in Washington? Try mutiny in the desert. Comment

Torah portion Tuesdays: Parshat Shelach

Torah Portions: In this week’s parsha, the Jews make the desert their home sweet home … for 40 years. Comment

Torah portion Tuesdays: Parshat Beha’alotcha

Torah Portions: This week’s parsha is all about gluttony gone wild. Comment

Torah portion Tuesdays: Parshat Naso

Torah Portions: Never underestimate the power of long, beautiful locks. Comments (1)

Torah portion Tuesdays: Parshat Bamidbar

Torah Portions: This week we learn that life is a numbers game — or is it? Comment

Torah portion Tuesdays: Parshat Bechukotai

Torah Portions: This week, God gets Old Testament on your tuchus. Comments (1)

Torah portion Tuesdays: Parshat Behar

Torah Portions: Getting your hands on the latest gadget may give you an intense buzz, but how long does that feeling last? This week’s parsha teaches us that the value of material things can be fleeting. Comment

Torah portion Tuesdays: Emor

Torah Portions: Are tattoos only skin deep or does getting one jeopardize your self respect? We cover the issue in this week’s parsha. Comment

Torah portion Tuesdays: Parshat Kedoshim

Torah Portions: This week’s parsha teaches b’nei mitzvah students to look outside of themselves at the world around them. Comments (1)

Torah portion Tuesdays: Parshat Acharei Mot

Torah Portions: This week’s parsha is all about goats and starvation. So fill up on some goat stew while learning an important lesson about taking responsibility for your sins. Comment

Torah portion Tuesdays: Parshat Metzora

Torah Portions: God gets all Shakespearean on the Israelites: “A pox on your house!” Comment

Torah portion Tuesdays: Parshat Tazria

Torah Portions: Don’t get sore about reading this week’s parsha about leprosy — there’s a great lesson to learned that Cantor Matt Axelrod is just itching you teach you! Comment

Torah portion Tuesdays: Parshat Shemini

Torah Portions: This week’s parsha involves a tragic mystery that is comparable to the dangers of drinking and driving. Comment

Torah portion Tuesdays: Shabbat Zachor

Torah Portions: This week’s parsha is all about the sweet, sweet revenge that ultimately led to the invention of hamantashen and Lord Voldemort … sorta. Comment

Torah portion Tuesdays: Parshat Vayikra

Torah Portions: This week’s parsha is kind of like an ancient barbeque, but way less fun. Yet, there are a few important values you can take away from these passages. Comment
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